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Downtown Derby like you’ve never tasted it.

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Friends. Family. Mediterranean flair.

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Savor the essence of American fusion.

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Historic ambiance. Modern cuisine.

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Deliciously intimate. And simply delicious.

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Charm is always on the menu.


Time was, you could stand in front of 181 Main Street where 500° is now and feel the pulse of downtown Derby.

From Caroline Street, you could hear the clop of horses as they drew their wagons up and down the cobblestones — cobblestones that are still there to this day — and you might hear the steam hissing from the monstrous blast furnaces of the Birmingham Iron Factory, once where The Home Depot is now.

Towards Bridge Street and within sight of Woolworth’s and the Howard & Barber Dry Goods Company store, you might see opera singers and high society strolling down Main Street from the Sterling Opera House or their lodging at the Basset House. The brick façade of 500° saw it all.

Within the restaurant today, you can still find the remnants of old Derby. Once a hardware store, 500° surrounds you with the original 18 foot high brick walls, ceilinged with salvaged pressed tin tiles. Sconces cast warm light onto the varnished arches and columns that form the varnished pub style partition between bar and dining room. The high Federal style of the bar’s woodwork reminds you of how Derby’s commerce expressed itself in grand fashion.

Travel through the dining room and crossover into the large glass terrace that opens to the sky, a room large enough to host your party of 50 friends and associates. You can feel the spring and summer breeze off the river. It will enhance the aroma of your Argentinian influenced steaks and American fusion dishes, appetizers and desserts.

500° on Main Street offers an atmosphere that feels friendly and historical each time you come, whether you’re there for the cuisine, drinks, or open air experience.

In Derby, it’s always 500° on Main Street.

Please remember to make reservations, especially on weekends, whenever possible.